Retail investors save money and increase income, easy to collect, technology integration, Shandong: "managed" service rewrite th
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Retail investors save money and increase income, easy to collect, technology integration, Shandong: "managed" service rewrite th

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2018/07/09 13:44
  Editor's note: Agricultural production custody services are becoming a new choice for more and more farmers to fight for the three summers. This new way of agricultural production, which is popular among farmers, new agricultural management entities, and agricultural technology extension departments, is how to play a role in this year's three summers. Please see the report of the Farmer Daily reporter from the main grain producing province of Shandong.
  More than 5 acres of wheat in the family, not finished in half a day, do not need to dry, directly sold to cooperatives. Recently, Gao Chengkuan, a poor household from Zhang Ercun, told reporters in the hospital of the Agricultural Service Center in Zhangying Town, Yucheng County, Shandong Province.
  The old high 5 acres of wheat fields can complete the half-day summer harvest and half-day summer planting, benefiting from the agricultural production custody services provided by the Zhongbang Agricultural Machinery Cooperative, which is led by the Yucheng County Supply and Marketing Cooperative. According to Hou Chunrong, the cooperative manager, the one-stop trusteeship service for farmers to purchase cooperatives is promoted in summer and summer. Farmers only need to follow the grain truck to scale the agricultural service center, and they can receive the grain sales.
  Teng Xiqun, director of the Shandong Provincial Economic Management and Management Station, said that in recent years, Shandong has focused on cultivating diversified agricultural service entities and vigorously promoting agricultural custody services. According to preliminary statistics, as of the end of 2017, Shandong has a custody area of ??more than 32 million mu calculated by the comprehensive custody coefficient, and the comprehensive custody rate is nearly 20%. During the summer harvest period, according to preliminary statistics, there are more than 7,700 cooperatives or service companies in Shandong providing custody services. Some food production areas in the main grain producing areas have a service rate of more than 70% in summer and summer, which has played a role in allowing retail investors to save labor, let big families worry, and integrate advanced technology.
  Retail investors save labor and labor and increase income
  The land was custody to the cooperative, and he saved his own work and did not delay working outside the home. The income from growing grain also increased. Gao Chengkuan said. Originally, according to the requirements of the cooperative, Laogao chose to breed the high-gluten wheat variety Jimai 229, and the output and price were guaranteed.
  Hou Chunrong introduced: ordinary wheat a pound of 1.12 yuan, high-growth wheat field, according to the requirements of the cooperative, the selenium-enriched high-gluten wheat, the purchase price of 1.32 yuan a catty. Moreover, there are also preferential treatments for poor households in hosting service fees.
  The Maifeng Wheat Planting Professional Cooperative in Matou Town, Dongming County covers a radius of more than 50,000 acres of wheat fields. Ma Guoxing, director of the cooperative, introduced the custody services provided by the company, including seed supply, fertilization, rotary tillage, sowing, pest control, selenium-enhanced technology implementation, harvesting, drying and storage. Farmers can package a full set of services, or they can purchase services for each link. The full service fee is generally around 300 yuan/mu, and the cooperative only accepts 150 yuan/mu for poor households. Moreover, by promoting the complete set of selenium-enriched production technology, the trustee can increase the yield of about 100 kg of wheat for the farmers, and the cooperative also recovers the selenium-enriched wheat at a price higher than 0.2 mg/kg of ordinary wheat.
  Teng Xiqun introduced that, in layman's terms, agricultural production custody is a kind of production outsourcing behavior in which farmers or operating organizations that own land management rights entrust all or part of their own agricultural labor to the trustee and pay a certain fee to them. . Farmers still maintain the main position of family management, self-financing and self-sustaining risks; social service organizations charge fees from custody services, do not need to pay land transfer fees, and realize modern capital, technology and management through social services. The transformation of elements into traditional agriculture is an important way to achieve the organic connection between small farmers and modern agriculture. Therefore, farmers purchase production custody services, which not only saves labor and labor, but also increases income through modern management and technology. Teng Xiqun said.
  Big family expansion has no worries
  On the afternoon of June 14th, in Zhaoqian Village, Taitou Town, Shouguang City, looking at 300 acres of heavy wheat ears, Li Haihong, a large grain grower, could not see a trace of worry: he waited until he was familiar with it. Instead of drying, the seed company sent the car to pull it away. - The machine collection service has already been fixed. Two or three machines, 60 yuan and one mu, will enter the market tomorrow afternoon and will be finished in one day.
  In Li Haihong's wheat field, all the water and fertilizer integrated equipment was used in 2017. In other aspects, all the agricultural machinery cooperatives or the plant protection cooperatives' hosting services were purchased. In her own words, the grain is now easy and pleasant. The average yield per mu of wheat is 1400 kg, the order price is 1.35 yuan per catty, and the gross income in this season is 17.8. Li Haihong said that I am now looking around and planning to expand to 2,000 acres.
  The complete socialized service in grain production has dispelled the worries of large-scale grain farmers. In Sun Town, Zouping County, Yuanrui Agricultural Company, a person in charge of a grain production base covering an area of ??more than 5,700 mu, Niu Weikang told reporters: watering and fertilizing water and fertilizer integration, other links to purchase social services, 咱 this base, summer harvest and summer species 12 harvesters and 30 planters were put into battle. After 4 days of harvesting, 6 days of broadcasting, interlocking and pressing, the realization of green grain and precision grain.
  Relevant persons from the Shandong Provincial Department of Agriculture introduced that in the main links of arable land, sowing, plant protection and harvesting in grain production, large grain farmers have agricultural machinery, which can be solved by themselves. If there is no agricultural machinery, they can solve the problem of purchasing a hosted service. At this stage, the biggest bottleneck of large-scale grain production is watering and fertilization. Therefore, in recent years, Shandong has vigorously promoted water and fertilizer integration technology for field crops.
  From the application situation, the large-scale grain-growing main body such as cooperatives and family farms is very popular for water and fertilizer integration technology, and the application is very fast. After applying this technology, through the combination of large-scale operation and specialized services, the precise management ability of the grain-growing main body is enhanced, and the grain production scale is obviously expanding. Zheng Ge, director of Weifang Agricultural Technology Extension Station, said.
  Advanced production technology integration
  Hou Chunrong introduced that this summer harvests in summer, the cooperatives for the farmers who purchased the hosting services, packaged to provide precision machine harvest, drying warehousing, straw cover, single-grain fine sowing, seed fertilizer and so on. The straw cover technology is promoted after wheat harvest, which can effectively protect the surface moisture and ensure the rapid emergence of corn. Ji Changxing, a technician from the Agricultural Bureau of Yucheng County, said.
  In the compound of the cooperative's agricultural service center, the reporter saw that the harvested wheat was directly removed into the drying tower after being removed from the drying tower by the screening machine. After drying, it was stored in a standardized warehouse for storage. According to Wang Jinpeng, deputy director of the county's supply and marketing cooperative, more than 150 cooperatives including the supply and marketing cooperative system in this year provided support services for nearly 700,000 mu of wheat fields in the county.
  According to the relevant person of Shandong Agricultural Machinery Bureau, the summer harvest and summer planting, the social service main body dominated by agricultural machinery cooperatives played the leading role. This year, about 150,000 wheat combine harvesters and more than 200,000 corn planters were put into operation in Shandong, of which 7,700 agricultural cooperatives and more than 800 rushing seed guerrillas were the main force. Relying on these specialized service providers, Shandong vigorously promotes the one-stop operation mode of wheat combined harvesting, straw processing, corn live broadcasting, etc., and strives to expand professional drying, straw mulching, straw baling, no-till sowing, seed fertilizer simulating and pests and diseases. The promotion and application of green environmental protection technologies such as comprehensive prevention and control.
  It is understood that Shandong is an province that has carried out agricultural production custody services earlier. It is represented by supply and marketing cooperatives, agricultural machinery cooperatives, and professional plant protection organizations. In practice, many typical agricultural production custody cases have emerged, showing the scale of custody services. Gradually expand, the custody service organization continues to grow, and the content of custody services is increasingly rich and standardized.
  It was difficult to promote new technologies in the first place, and now rely on specialized service organizations to promote a large scale through the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy. Teng Xiqun said that in this sense, agricultural production custody has effectively solved the problem of who will plant land, promoted the development of agricultural scale operation and green development, reduced the cost of agricultural production, promoted advanced production technology, and achieved agricultural efficiency. Increasing income with farmers is the most epoch-making way for social services to directly serve agriculture and farmers.
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