Heilongjiang will build 100 provincial-level agricultural industrial parks
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Heilongjiang will build 100 provincial-level agricultural industrial parks

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2018/07/09 13:45
  The Heilongjiang Provincial Government recently issued the “Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Construction of Modern Agricultural Industrial Parks in the Province”,proposing that by 2022, the province will build and name about 100 provincial-level modern agricultural industrial parks, and drive a number of municipal and county-level cities. Modern agricultural industrial park.
  The “Opinions” suggest that the construction of industrial parks should adhere to the development direction of modern agriculture with high output, product safety, resource conservation and environmental friendliness. Based on large-scale breeding bases, and relying on leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization, they will gather modern production factors. Combine production + processing + technology. The provincial-level modern agricultural industrial park should establish a modern agricultural industrial system with industrial characteristics, production standardization, technology integration, operation mechanization, operation scale, and service socialization. The agricultural infrastructure, scientific and technological content, quality and safety, and ecological and environmental protection levels are remarkable. Ascending, the income of farmers in the industrial park should be higher than the local average by more than 30%, and the province will take the lead in basically realizing agricultural modernization.
  According to the “Opinions”, Heilongjiang will comprehensively implement new agricultural management entities and modern business forms, promote the integration of special breeding industry, agricultural product processing industry, rural service industry, close connection, and comprehensive development, and promote the integration of trade, industry, agriculture, production and marketing. Accelerate the integration of the first, second and third industries, and establish a long-term mechanism for farmers to share the value-added of land and the value-added income of the secondary and tertiary industries. At the same time, strengthen the construction of public infrastructure in modern agricultural industrial parks, and create a good environment for enterprises to enter the park.
  In support of the agricultural park, Heilongjiang will explore the way of innovative support by coordinating and integrating existing special funds, and increase the inclination of the construction of provincial modern agricultural industrial parks. Encourage the development of agricultural product processing industry, vigorously promote the intensive processing of agricultural products, and comprehensively improve the level of agricultural industrialization development. The construction land of the modern agricultural industrial park will be incorporated into the overall plan for local land use. The annual new construction land, urban and rural construction land increase and decrease linked to savings indicators, and the key construction land for supporting poverty alleviation and development work will be tilted to the modern agricultural industrial park.
  The “Opinions” require that all parts of Heilongjiang be based on local economic level, resource conditions, location characteristics and industrial advantages, and scientifically formulate plans for the construction of modern agricultural industrial parks. We must aim at market demand, give play to regional advantages, and vigorously develop high-quality food, animal husbandry, fruits and vegetables, aquatic products, edible fungi, Chinese herbal medicines, forest economy, and eco-tourism industries. It is necessary to adhere to the implementation of major projects such as good-quality good-fabrication, agricultural machinery and agronomy, and promote agricultural technology of reducing fertilizer, reducing pesticides and reducing herbicides, carrying out comprehensive utilization of straw, livestock and poultry manure and residual membrane recycling, and constructing a modern ecological recycling agricultural technology system in the park.
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