Agricultural development has "leading" farmers to increase their income and hope
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Agricultural development has "leading" farmers to increase their income and hope

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2018/07/09 13:45
  Author: Liu Xiaofei Source: Hainan Daily
  On May 30, in a jackfruit planting base in Junying Village, October Town, Changjiang Li Autonomous County, a pineapple tree grows gratifying, and the huge fruit is covered with trunks. Different from the traditional varieties of jackfruit trees for seven or eight years to grow, the Thai red meat No. 8 jackfruit selected by Changjiang Dehong Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. not only adapts to the soil, climate and climate of Changjiang, but also can be fruited after 18 months of planting. To bring income to farmers.
  This red meat jackfruit, weighing 5 to 20 kilograms each, is the new favorite in the current fruit market. Currently, 800 acres are planted in Tianzhen in October. Deng Jufu, head of Changjiang Dehong Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. said that Changjiang has abundant sunshine, fertile soil, high yield of jackfruit and good quality, which is very popular.
  It is understood that Deng Jufu's company began planting red meat jackfruit at the end of 2015. The first batch of fruits harvested last year was sold for 12 yuan per kilogram and exported to Beijing, Shanghai and Zhejiang. In March of this year, Deng Jufu initiated the establishment of the Changjiang October Tiandehong Ecological Breeding Farmers Professional Cooperative, which promoted the development of the jackfruit planting industry by the surrounding farmers through the model of company + cooperative + farmers.
  Since the beginning of the company's work, I have become interested in growing red meat jackfruit. Mai Yongxian, a villager in Junying Village, laughed. He heard that Deng Jufu wanted to set up a cooperative in the first half of this year. He was the first to join. Nowadays, 8 households in the village have become cooperative members and started planting red meat jackfruit trees. With the successive addition of villagers, Deng Jufu also plans to expand the planting area of ??red meat jackfruit to 1,000 mu.
  In the Wangyan Village of Tiantian Town, not far from Junying Village, the soybeans planted by Hainan Shanyu Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. to promote farmers' crops also enjoyed a bumper harvest this year.
  Soybean planting management is difficult, low cost, high yield, and can be planted by ordinary farmers. He Zhiyong, head of Hainan Shanyu Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., introduced that in recent years, the company's edamame planting area has gradually expanded to more than 2,500 acres, and the planting base covers many towns and towns such as Changjiang October, Wulie and so on. Driven by the company, local farmers have also joined the team of edamame cultivation.
  At present, the market price of edamame is about 3 yuan per catty, the benefits are good, and farmers are happy. He Zhiyong told reporters that in addition to driving farmers to grow edamame, the company's planting bases employ nearly 100 people every day. The surrounding villagers came to work in the base and also increased their considerable income.
  Jackfruit, edamame and mango In recent years, Changjiang has continuously increased its investment attraction, introduced leading agricultural enterprises, and promoted the development of characteristic agricultural industries with the help of high-quality resources. At the same time, give full play to the demonstration role of leading agricultural enterprises, help farmers improve planting techniques, and increase production and income.
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