This summer's summer grain is expected to have a bumper harvest
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This summer's summer grain is expected to have a bumper harvest

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2018/07/09 13:46
  The species of the awns have arrived, and the peasant peasants have said that the awns are speciesd and harvested. As of June 6, summer grain harvested nearly 50%. According to the agricultural situation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the field investigation and analysis by experts, this summer's summer grain is still a bumper year. The main body of summer grain is wheat, and the harvest of summer grain lays the foundation for ensuring the absolute safety of rations.
  From the composition factors of summer grain production: First, the area is slightly reduced. It is estimated that the summer grain area will be 408 million mu, which is slightly lower than the previous year. Second, the yield is slightly reduced. There are two main factors affecting the yield of summer grain this year: First, the seedlings are poor before winter, and the population is insufficient, affecting the number of ears per mu. The second is low temperature freezing damage. At the beginning of April, strong cooling weather occurred in the northern part of Huanghuai, which was the key period of wheat spike differentiation, which led to the freezing of the young wheat ears and the decrease of the number of grains per ear.
  This year's summer crops have achieved good harvests. Thanks to the central government's high regard for food and agricultural production, it has also benefited from the fact that the agricultural departments at all levels have resolutely implemented central deployment, intensified efforts, strengthened measures, and strived to stabilize and optimize food production. On the one hand, policy guidance is obvious. Although the country lowered the minimum purchase price of wheat by 0.03 yuan per kilogram this year, the bottoming effect is obvious, the wheat market price remains stable, and the income of farmers' wheat is expected to be stable. On the other hand, the support of science and technology is strengthened. Wheat is the crop with the highest technical integration and the highest degree of mechanization among the three major foods. In particular, the Huanghuaihai area has formed a set of agricultural machinery and agro-integration technology and green eco-friendly technology model, which has improved the level of wheat production technology. In addition, the main producing areas reflect that the light temperature and water matching during the wheat growth period is generally good this year, which is conducive to wheat growth and yield formation.
  There are several notable features of summer grain production this year: First, ecological planting is accelerating. The groundwater over-exploitation area of the Tarim River in North China and Xinjiang has reduced the area of wheat by more than 2 million mu. More than 700,000 mu of wheat in the source area of stripe rust is reduced in the southwest and northwest. Second, the quality ratio is increasing. The market for high-quality, strong-gluten and weak-gluten wheat, which is in short supply in the market, accounted for 30%, an increase of 2.5 percentage points over the previous year. Third, the cost-effectiveness is significant. Integrate and promote green technology models such as water saving, fertilizer saving, and medicine saving to promote cost-saving and efficiency. The area of ??water-saving wheat varieties reached 20%, an increase of 8 percentage points over the previous year. Among them, Hebei water-saving wheat varieties accounted for more than 50%.
  At present, it has entered the busy season of the three summers. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will conscientiously implement the central decision-making and deployment, firmly and steadily optimize the target of grain production, strengthen guidance services, implement key technologies, and strive to capture the bumper harvest of the whole year and promote the high-quality development of agriculture. First, carefully organize cross-regional machine harvesting, do a good job in machine scheduling, improve machine efficiency, and achieve grain return. The second is to effectively grasp the summer planting summer, speed up the planting schedule, expand the suitable planting area, and improve the quality of planting. In particular, it will guide the reduction of some low-yielding summer corn in the Huang-Huai-Hai area and the expansion of summer soybeans. The third is to do a good job in disaster prevention and mitigation, release warning information, promote scientific disaster prevention, and ensure safety and agricultural production safety. At present, we will focus on drought relief work in Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia.
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