Leading Shanxi's agriculture
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Leading Shanxi's agriculture

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2018/07/09 13:46
  Using the tangible hand of the government and the invisible hand of the market, pooling resource elements, attracting all kinds of capital, and making efforts to create a functional food agriculture R&D highland, agricultural science and technology innovation highland, technology integration demonstration and promotion platform with an international vision.
  Nowadays, Shanxi Agricultural Valley, which carries the mission of Shanxi's modern agricultural transformation and upgrading engine, the construction of high starting point and the operation of the heat are attracting widespread attention from all walks of life.
  In the eyes of the public, people can't help but ask: Why is the construction of Shanxi Agricultural Valley? Jin Taigu, who has made the dream of the Jin Dynasty in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, depends on what supports the four beams and eight pillars of the construction of the Shanxi Agricultural Valley.
  The unique location of the agricultural demonstration can represent Shanxi
  Regarding the official statement of Shanxi Agricultural Valley in Taigu, the vice governor Guo Yingguang gave less than 300 words, but first mentioned the importance of Taigu location.
  The specific expression is as follows: Otani has a unique geographical advantage and has natural climatic conditions that basically cover Shanxi's characteristic agricultural products. So what is the so-called natural climatic condition here?
  Gao Peifang, a professor of Shanxi Agricultural University who has been studying Taigu agriculture and serving Taigu agriculture for a long time, told reporters that Taigu is located in the northeast of Jinzhong Basin and the Taitaiyuan metropolitan area. The location is superior, the traffic is developed, and the landforms are mountainous, hilly and flat. Three kinds of soils in the region are mainly cinnamon soil. Taigu is a warm temperate continental climate with four distinct seasons. The county's annual average temperature is 9.8 °C, the effective accumulated temperature above 10 °C is 3675 °C, the frost-free period is 175-180 days, and the annual average precipitation is about 458 mm.
  In terms of natural climatic conditions, the light, heat, water, gas and soil of Taigu are very beneficial to the development of agriculture. In particular, the land is fertile, the climate is humid, the frost-free period is long, and the rainfall is moderate. These unique conditions, coupled with the coexistence of hills, plains and mountains, can be used for demonstration and planting of almost all the dominant crops and special crops in Shanxi. . In this way, Taigu Agriculture has an incomprehensible and versatile character and spirit.
  Gao Peifang said humorously: Looking at Shanxi agriculture in the future, maybe you can see it as long as you come to Taigu.
  Science and technology support and lead the modern agriculture
  Whether a county's agriculture is competitive or not, the level of science and technology is the most important consideration.
  As the first batch of state-level modern agricultural demonstration zones and national agricultural reform and construction pilot counties in the country, in recent years, Taigu County has always relied on scientific research institutes to plant modern agriculture and promote the sustainable and rapid development of agriculture.
  This rapid concentration is reflected in the transformation of agricultural scientific and technological achievements, reflected in the contribution rate of science and technology to agriculture, and reflected in the output rate of land. Referring to the contribution of agricultural science and technology to Taigu agriculture, it is impossible to mention the two places where agricultural science and technology talents from Shanxi Agricultural University and Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences are studying.
  Taigu farmers have always had a preference for agricultural technology. Our school experts and professors have a good variety, good technology, they are very sensitive, often go directly to the door to ask for demonstration or introduction. Wang Qinjun, director of Shanxi Agricultural University's Three Rural Service Center, said that Shanxi Agricultural University has no wall for promoting agricultural science and technology. It is common for experts and professors to go deep into the agricultural production of Taigu, so that agricultural science and technology can take root in the thousands of villages in Taigu.
  Xing Guoming, vice president of Shanxi Agricultural University, said in an interview that the valley in the agricultural valley of Shanxi is undoubtedly referred to as Taigu, while the agriculture is largely Shanxi Agricultural University. The continuous connection between Shanxi Agricultural University and Taigu Agricultural Cutting has a long history, not only in the present but also in the future.
  Early black treasure grapes, Yulu fragrant pears, red agate cherries, Danxia apples, and cold white jade jujubes are carefully selected by experts from the Provincial Institute of Fruit Research, and the waters are the first to be demolished. The first demonstration and introduction is also Taigu. Fruit farmers. Li Jie, director of the Institute of Fruit Research of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, told reporters that what kind of varieties the fruit growers want to buy and what problems they encounter during cultivation, and to consult with experts in the house, do not give birth.
  Demand is the mother of creation. The peasants' love for modern agriculture, the blending of peasants and scientific researchers, in turn stimulated the creation of agricultural science and technology by scientific research units.
  Shanxi Agricultural University has organized experts to tackle the problem of the extremely easy-to-split fruit in the ripening period of the pots and jujubes. After eight years, it has developed a leaf-nutrition prevention and control jujube-spraying technology with small investment, time and effort, and convenient operation.
  The Institute of Agricultural Sciences of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Shanxi Juxin Weiye Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. jointly established the Shanxi Provincial Horticultural Plant Detoxification and Rapid Propagation Engineering Research Center, using the international leading heat treatment detoxification, shoot tip culture and other techniques to carry out plant ex vivo. Research and development of tissue culture, cell engineering breeding, etc., to achieve non-toxic, high-yield, high-efficiency, large-scale production of horticultural plant seedlings.
  Shanxi Agricultural University and Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences Fruit Tree Research Institute and Shanxi Shenggu Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. set up Shanxi Jingu Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Park to integrate the five functions of industrial guidance, production demonstration, social service, scientific research and development, innovation and entrepreneurship. Provide capital, technology and services before, during and after the production of agriculture.
  The contribution rate of science and technology to agriculture exceeds 60%, and the land output rate exceeds 6,000 yuan. It insists on transforming agriculture with scientific and technological means, supporting agriculture with information technology, and the new driving force for the development of Taigu agriculture, which has built a full-element modern agriculture. The embryonic form of development.
  Science and technology are primary productive forces. This famous saying is used in Taigu agriculture to make a living, creating Shanxi agriculture, Taigu is the most.
  Industrialization plays a strong voice to the benefit of agriculture
  On May 26, the reporter went to Taigu Rongxintang Food Co., Ltd., a provincial key enterprise of agricultural industrialization. I saw the customers in the product showroom, and they came to negotiate business. The workers in the production workshop were busy on the assembly line. Jia Zhiyuan, the person in charge of the company, introduced to the reporter that he is committed to making a Taigu cake with connotation. The company's Taigu cake online and offline sales are around 5,000 pieces per day.
  Looking at today's Taigu, Rongxintang is just a microcosm of many agricultural industrialization companies.
  I will do the science and technology to promote the farmer's article, and do the industry's wealthy articles. In recent years, the Taigu County Party Committee and the county government have been based on four major industries: facility vegetables, large-scale breeding, seedlings and flowers, and dried and fresh fruit industries. They have continuously promoted the process of agricultural industrialization and continuously led the advancement of agriculture to depth and breadth, and successively cultivated Rongxintang. 46 agricultural industrialization leading enterprises such as Juxin, Jingu, Xinbingji, Lumei, Jinguxiang and Tongbao vinegar. In 2016 alone, the county's agricultural product processing sales revenue reached 5.89 billion yuan.
  Leading enterprises rely on scientific research, based on projects and innovative models, tightly twisting the bulls and noses of improving agricultural economic benefits, breaking into the butterfly and leading the dance, relying on the peasants to be mutually dependent, symbiosis and common prosperity, and jointly played a strong voice to the benefits of agriculture.
  The success of agricultural integration management represents the representative of Shanxi Jixin Weiye Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Mi Zisheng said that the development of agricultural industrialization to build a big ship. In these years, the company has always improved the connotation of the company + cooperatives + bases + farmers, and tried to drive the surrounding farmers to increase their income. At present, the company's three-product model has been formed, that is, it cooperates with Shanxi Agricultural University and the Institute of Agricultural Sciences of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences to cultivate new varieties, and transforms technology and achievements from the company platform to farmers. The farmers regularly train farmers to provide systematization. Theoretical knowledge; post-production acquisition of products, and then focus on the market.
  The combination of the scattered, resulting in fission expansion and driving. In 2004, Taigu County Xinggu Jujube Co., Ltd. integrated more than 10,000 mu of jujube resources in 9 villages of Xiaobaixiang Jujube Park, and hanged the brand of the first jujube professional cooperative Xinxin jujube cooperative in our province. 132 members joined the company and fully implemented the operation mode of the company + base + cooperative.
  Yang Hongwei, deputy manager of Xinggu Jujube Company, introduced the cooperative technical service, unified agricultural supply, unified pest control, and quality control throughout the production process; the company registered Xinggu trademark, unified processing and unified sales of pot and jujube. In the past 13 years, Xinggu pot and jujube has started the brand and has been exported to more than 20 provinces, cities and districts across the country, and has been successfully exported to Australia and Canada, driving the per capita income of the farmer in the park to over 10,000 yuan.
  The diversification of business management and the specialization of cooperation, the rise of individual brand agricultural enterprises and agricultural brands reflects that the agricultural industrialization of Taigu was initially placed at a high starting point and high standards, and the benefits of agriculture are being continuously explored and developed.
  Decoding the Taigu Farmers' Quality under the View of Big Agriculture
  In the past 30 years of reform and opening up, it has been more than 30 years since Taigu Agriculture has gone from traditional to modern. The national pigs have been transferred from large counties, provincial-level grain production counties, provincial-level vegetable production counties, and Chinese jujube towns. Xiang Guiguan made Taigu proud of agriculture and attracted much attention because of agriculture.
  Analysis of the butterfly change in Taigu agriculture, the science and technology literacy of Taigu farmers is destined to be a loop that cannot be bypassed.
  Juzhen Weiye Company Agricultural Park quality inspector Zhen Zhenying, an authentic farmer, in his early fifties, looks not amazing. But this kind of peasant who does not seem to be eye-catching has won many awards in provincial and municipal agricultural knowledge contests. When I saw the reporter, Laojiao proudly said: Now someone asks me to go out to lecture and talk for 3 hours. I don't have to prepare lessons at all.
  Li Feng, a farmer's agent in Fancun Town, Taigu County, is the chief culprit in causing frequent vegetable diseases in the greenhouse. After more than two years of trial and error, he invented greenhouse dehumidification equipment and applied for national invention patents.
  Wang Yuxia, director of the Honggu Breeding Professional Cooperative in Taigu County, is aiming at the cooperative annual output of 900,000 broilers, the reality that chicken manure is difficult to handle and pollute the environment, and boldly hired professional researchers to turn waste into treasure to produce bio-chicken manure organic fertilizer. The farthest sold to Xinjiang.
  Qu Zhenying, Li Gaofeng and Wang Yuxia are just a few representatives of the Taigu professional farmers. However, the overall scientific and technological literacy of Taigu farmers is higher than that of other farmers in other provinces.
  Taigu farmers love technology, that is really crazy about love. Every year on the second day of the lunar calendar, the Taigu County Party Committee and the county government have to hold a science and technology festival. Now they have been running the 17th session, and the first competition has been alive. Experts and manufacturers at the festival are only supporting roles, and the protagonists are always peasants who flock to come.
  Xu Zhenglin, president of Shanxi Agricultural Capital Chamber of Commerce, which sold half a lifetime of chemical fertilizer in Taigu, told reporters that Taigu farmers hardly go out to work, farming is a profession; farmers adjust their industrial structure is always spontaneous, what can make money, rely on information And technology, not experience and blindness. No matter which agricultural expert, if there are not a few brushes, teaching Taigu farmers, it is untenable.
  Professor Gao Peifang, who was praised as a jujube by Zaoyang, said that at present, the jujube area in our province generally follows the traditional extensive cultivation method. Only the Taigu jujube employs dwarf and dense planting techniques, which makes him have to look at the Taigu jujube.
  In the interview with Taigu, the reporter really felt: Now the peasants of Taigu, a personal feeling is that there must be culture, we must understand science and technology. This is a significant change, because farmers have really tasted the sweetness from technology.
  This kind of sweetness is becoming an extremely important promoter of Taigu Agriculture's great achievements and great achievements!
  Our reporter Jin Jianqiang
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