Company Profile

Hubei Flying Bell Cereals & Oil Equipment Co., Ltd is located in the Laohekou City Economic Development Zone, with a registered capital of 22 million yuan.

Formerly known as Xiangyang Grain Machinery Co., Ltd, founded in 1958, it was originally a part of the Xiangyang Regional Grain Machinery Factory and was governed by the Xiangyang Grain Bureau. It is a professional enterprise designated by the former National Trade Ministry to produce cereals and oils processing machinery and a manufacturing entity integrating research and development, production and sales of cereals and oils processing machinery. We mainly produce rice and flour processing equipment such as lifting, conveying, cleaning, stone removal, paddy separation and grain processing automation control equipment. In 1968, we independently developed a gravity paddy separator, which set a solid foundation for the growth of the grain machinery industry in China. “Flying Bell” is our registered trademark, and our main product is the gravity paddy separator, the first of its kind in China, which has won the first prize in the Science and Technology Progress Award of Hubei Province, and the “Flying Bell”brand cleaning sieve and rice sieve have won the National Quality Silver Award.

To meet production demands, we invested 220 million yuan in 2014 to buy land in the Laohekou Economic Development Zone and construct a modern manufacturing facility. The overall project spans 100 mu (1 mu = 666.7 m2) and has a total exclusive building size of 35,000 square meters. The project includes a casting plant, a metal pressing plant, a general assembly plant for cereal machinery, a white rice milling testing production base, a technical consulting service center, a product R&D center and other facilities. Now the first phase of the project has been successfully completed and has been put into production.

At present, the company has 132 employees, including 26 high and mid-level technical personnel (including 1 doctoral, 3 master’s, 18 undergraduates and 4 senior technicians). We own more than 300 processing devices, including machining centers, CNC lathes, CNC grinding machines, digital plate shears, digital panel benders, radial drills, cranes, etc., which can meet the needs of cereals and oils processing machinery manufacturing as well as various mechanical parts processing, such as shaft parts, box parts, sheet metal structural parts and so on. Our scale of production and technical level are ranking at the forefront of cereals and oils processing machinery industry in China. Our products received the ISO9001 quality management system certification and a trademark registration certificate. We have a strong technical force, holding dozens of patented inventions, and seek long-term development in the field of grain processing and storage by relying on technical support from the Hubei University of Arts and Science and Wuhan Polytechnic University.



We have now set up offices or exclusive distribution companies in all provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China after years of struggle in the market and the “Flying Bell” brand grain machinery has been favorably received by rice and flour processing enterprises across the country. The same species and series of cereals processing equipment have a market share of 30% among over 100 manufacturers nationwide. More than 5,000 sets of varied cereal machinery and equipment are sold by the company each year, with an output value of 70 million yuan. In the past few years, we have increased the expansion of overseas business while the domestic business environment is stable and achieved remarkable results. Taking advantage of “the Belt and Road” initiative, our company has built long-lasting and strong cooperative partnerships with numerous significant sales companies of cereal machinery in Southeast Asian nations and has since expanded to Iran, Egypt, Spain, Australia and other countries.

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