Strive for the first place in the transformation of grain machinery

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In recent years, the overall demand for domestic grain machinery has been decreasing year by year, and the market space for grain machinery has gradually shrunk. In the face of the brutal market competition environment, Anlu grain machinery enterprises have invariably turned their attention to the field of scientific and technological intelligence, taking innovation as an important driving force to realize the sustainable development of grain machinery enterprises, and Yongxiang, Yijiayi and other grain machinery enterprises have grown into the leaders in the domestic rice milling, oil pressing machinery and other subdivided fields.
Since this year, affected by the epidemic, the company has taken advantage of the advantages of more than 20 direct sales points across the country to strengthen cooperation with local poverty alleviation projects, promote oil-extraction agricultural machinery products, and achieve two-way development of enterprise and social benefits while helping to precisely alleviate poverty.