Focusing on the development of grain machinery equipment for 64 years, "Feilai Bell" overseas customers increased to more than 100

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Focusing on the development of grain machinery equipment for 64 years, "Feilai Bell" overseas customers increased to more than 100
In the final assembly workshop of Hubei Feilaizhong Grain and Oil Equipment Co., Ltd., workers are assembling export equipment.



"When the button is pressed, the grain will come down through the feed hopper, and the equipment will start to read the second. When the second reading is over, the equipment will start to separate the grain from the coarse." On August 2, at the general assembly workshop of Hubei Feilaizhong Grain and Oil Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Feilaizhong) in Laohekou City, Cao Xiaosong, the head of the enterprise's market department, pointed to the equipment being assembled for export, and introduced it to the full media reporter of Hubei Daily.
The separation of grain and rough is a critical process in rice processing, which determines the quality of rice. As a grain machinery manufacturing enterprise in Xiangyang, Feilai Bell was founded in 1958. In 1985, it independently developed a gravity grain separator in China. Today, this type of equipment is still the company's flagship product.
From 30 tons to 60 tons, to 600 tons to 1000 tons now, this enterprise has been able to meet the customization of different specifications and different types of products at home and abroad. In addition to the steadily expanding domestic market, the number of overseas customers in Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and other regions has increased to more than 100.
"Little secret" on the nameplate of the machine
Looking at the equipment in the workshop, the machine nameplate is more special: two enterprise names are marked in blue letters on a gray background.
The staff said: "The name of 'Hubei Feilaizhong Grain and Oil Equipment Co., Ltd.' is relatively young, but its reputation is growing. Even if some customers don't know, there is also 'Xiangyang Grain Machinery Factory 1'. Many insiders are relieved to see this name. Marking two names is our practice and our 'little secret'."
"After more than 60 years, we have always kept in mind that product quality is the lifeline." Cao Xiaosong said that in terms of raw materials, Feilaizhong has cooperated with Wuhan Iron and Steel Group for many years. The latter's steel quality makes it unnecessary for the enterprise to look for another place. The product manufacturing of Feilai Bell includes more than ten links, such as design, blanking, sheet metal, finishing, etc., all of which are subject to strict quality inspection. Only after passing one link can it enter the next link.
"It is not enough to rely solely on the strength of a few people for product quality. It also needs to rely on wisdom and collective wisdom." The relevant person in charge of the enterprise said that Feilaizhong, in cooperation with Wuhan Light Industry University, Hubei University of Arts and Sciences and other universities, has developed high-efficiency rotary vibrating screen, large vibration stone remover and other energy-saving processing equipment, filling the gap in domestic grain machinery equipment.
On March 28, 2020, Dr. Feilaizhong's workstation was listed. In September of that year, Zou Xiaoli and Zhou Zhili of the company's technology department, together with Dr. Qi Jiamin and Cheng Hao of the workstation, submitted to the company the intelligent upgrading and transformation plan for the double-screen gravity grain coarse separator and the white rice grading screen. Two months later, the equipment appeared at the Anhui Hefei International Grain and Oil Machinery and Equipment Exhibition, and the intelligent double-screen grain coarse separator won the gold medal.
"This is the product developed by Dr. Qi Jiamin and related teams." In the final assembly workshop, the staff introduced that compared with the "predecessor" products, the "appearance and temperament" of the intelligent double-screen grain separator has changed. One screen has changed into two screens, and the central console has added a screen. The intelligent system connected to it has greatly improved the efficiency of grain separation.
It is reported that the enterprise has successively won the second prize of the National Science Conference, the National Silver Award, and the first prize of the Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award. The National Standard for Gravitational Grain Roughness Separator, which was drafted under its leadership, is still the reference standard for domestic grain machinery manufacturers.
Products take into account different "flavors"
More than 60 years ago, when Feilai Bell was born at the ladder entrance of Fancheng, it mainly produced various rice screens and miscellaneous screens. Time goes by. From the ladder entrance of Fancheng to the gate of Xiangcheng, and then to the Zhenwu Industrial Park on the Huanshan Road of Xiangcheng, it finally takes root in the Laohekou. The products and derivative products of the bell fist have formed a echelon, which promotes enterprises to keep a firm foothold in the domestic and foreign markets.
Around 2000, the domestic grain processing machinery market tended to be saturated, and the company had the idea of going out and opening up new markets. In 2007, the products of Feilai Bell were exported, but the business growth was limited due to the low popularity abroad at that time. In 2013, China put forward the "the Belt and Road" initiative, and Southeast Asian countries actively participated. The company's leadership saw the opportunity to boost export business.
"Strictly speaking, we are not a pure export-oriented enterprise. The domestic market accounts for 60%, and the foreign market accounts for 40%. After years of development, there are thousands of customers in the domestic market, and more than 100 customers in the overseas market." Cao Xiaosong said that in recent years, through cooperation with professional foreign trade companies, the brand influence of Feilaizhong has been expanding, and related products have successfully entered the markets in Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and other regions, A relatively stable customer base has been formed.
Hubei has gathered a large number of grain and machinery enterprises. The products produced by various manufacturers are different according to customers and market demands. The products customized by domestic customers of Feilaizhong are large in size, but many overseas customers have relatively small demand for product models due to the natural geographical conditions and agricultural development characteristics of their regions. Through continuous research and development, the company's products have been able to cover the construction of various rice mill production lines of 30 tons to 1000 tons, and can undertake the design, installation, commissioning and turnkey projects of flour mills, oil mills and feed mills, taking into account the "taste" of different customers.
When entering the workshop, the reporter saw that various equipment such as gravity grain roughening separator, rotary vibrating cleaning screen, suction specific gravity stone remover, mobile roughening machine, bucket elevator and so on were orderly stacked. On the display boards, there are complete sets of projects, such as the 120 tons/day rice production line of CSTC Jintang, the 150 tons/day rice production line of Jiangxi Suifeng Grain and Oil, and the 200 tons/day rice production line of Sichuan Taisen Grain and Oil.
Through years of market struggle, Feilai Bell has established offices or special distribution units throughout the country, with an annual output of more than 5000 sets of various equipment, and can provide more than 20 series of 180 products and more than 10 supporting services for customers at home and abroad.