Reconstruction and expansion of grain drying center

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Reconstruction and expansion of grain drying center
By 2025, more than 80 grain drying centers will be built and operated in Wuhan, making the drying rate of rice and wheat production areas in the city reach 80% and 95% respectively, and the intelligent and informatization rate of drying equipment reach more than 65%.
According to the implementation plan for grain drying capacity improvement recently issued by Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Finance and other units, 24 grain drying centers will be newly built and 16 drying centers will be reconstructed and expanded in 2022-2024. Through the construction, expansion and reconstruction of a number of grain drying processing centers (points), we will optimize the distribution of drying capacity in grain production areas, eliminate high energy-consuming drying capacity, accelerate the upgrading of old drying equipment, and improve the level of intelligence and informatization of drying facilities.
The construction of grain drying centers focuses on green environmental protection, intelligence and informatization, and encourages and supports new agricultural business entities such as agricultural machinery professional cooperatives, large grain farmers, family farms, "whole-process mechanization+comprehensive farming" service centers, grain product processing enterprises and other social capital to participate in the capacity construction of grain drying centers. By 2025, the number of dryers in Wuhan will reach more than 300 sets, Energy-saving and environment-friendly drying centers account for more than 60% of the total.