Promote "machinery to strengthen agriculture" to ensure food security

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Optimize the structure of agricultural machinery, improve the operation standard, and strengthen the intellectualization of agricultural machinery management
It is understood that in recent years, the district has given full play to the window function of the agricultural machinery service center, tightened procedures and standards, and further strengthened agricultural machinery supervision. Strictly implement the scrapping and renewal subsidy system, cooperate with China Renewable Resources Development Co., Ltd. to establish agricultural machinery scrapping points and refine the operation process.
At the same time, taking "improving operation standards" and "reducing machine harvest losses" as the starting point, "machine harvest losses" as the main work of grain production mechanization. The agricultural machinery maintenance service team was set up to go deep into the field and carry out technical guidance in the villages and households. A total of 7800 sets of agricultural machinery were inspected and repaired.
"Optimizing the structure of agricultural machinery, improving the operating standards, and reducing the loss of machine harvests are the work directions we have always adhered to. This year, we plan to tilt to professional cooperatives and large grain farmers. We will always adhere to the work direction of 'strengthening agriculture by machinery', tighten the string of food security, and carry the responsibility of food security firmly and well.