Equipment upgrading helps to optimize storage and processing -- notes on the implementation of high-quality grain project in Laohekou City

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The employees of Hubei Feilaizhong Grain and Oil Equipment Co., Ltd. are assembling the rotary vibrating screen.

Recently, the all-media reporter of the new rural newspaper came into the production workshop of Hubei Feilaizhong Grain and Oil Equipment Co., Ltd. and saw a busy scene of production. Ke Ping, the general manager of the company, pointed to a set of equipment and said, "This is a rotary vibrating screen. An enterprise in Tianmen has reserved 8 sets."
In order to improve the processing and transformation capacity of high-quality grain, in recent years, the Development and Reform (Grain) Bureau of Laohekou City has arranged 4.08 million yuan for high-quality grain engineering projects, mainly to support the company in implementing the China Good Grain and Oil Action Plan. The company has carried out industry-university-research cooperation with Wuhan University of Light Industry, Hubei University of Arts and Sciences, Xiangyang Vocational and Technical College and other colleges and universities, and developed high-efficiency grain saving and energy-saving production equipment such as intelligent new generation gravity grain coarse separator, large primary cleaning screen, high efficiency rotary vibrating screen, and large vibration stone remover. A number of new technologies and products have filled the domestic gap, and have obtained 1 national invention patent and 19 new patent authorizations for the use of superior grain The superior grain and storage provide technical and equipment support.
Ke Ping took the grain separator as an example to introduce that after the intelligent upgrade, the feed size can be automatically adjusted to achieve a stable net grain content. The output increases by 10%, the broken rate of finished rice decreases by 5%, and the production costs such as labor are also greatly reduced. The products are sold abroad.
While providing high-quality equipment for grain enterprises, the company also built a grain cleaning and drying center for grain enterprises with the support of high-quality grain engineering project funds, and provided post-production service equipment for the surrounding farmers and new agricultural operators.
"The daily drying capacity of the cleaning and drying equipment developed at present can reach 240 tons. The upgraded rotary vibrating screen, dryer, primary cleaning screen and other equipment are used for the whole process of electronic monitoring, and the energy consumption is reduced by 8% compared with the previous one." Ke Ping said that many customers came to the cleaning and drying center to see the "powerful" of these equipment, and then placed orders to purchase.
According to the relevant person in charge of the Development and Reform (Grain) Bureau of Laohekou City, the city will become a key county of high-quality grain project in 2018, and strive for 32.7 million yuan of central and provincial subsidies. In addition to supporting the upgrading of enterprises such as Feilaizhong Grain and Oil Equipment Co., Ltd., five post-production service centers for grain will also be built, reducing grain loss by 5000 tons per year; The construction of one grain, oil and food monitoring station has improved the quality and safety inspection and monitoring capacity of one grain enterprise. In addition, we will give full play to the advantages of the large bungalows of the Laohekou National Grain Reserve and the site of the Laohekou Hegu Grain and Oil Purchase and Sales Reserve Co., Ltd., which are located all over the city, and implement the policy of single receipt and single deposit for high-quality grain varieties, with high quality and good price, which will drive the farmers to increase the yield of high-quality grain planting by more than 20%, the rate of high-quality grain planting by more than 30%, and the annual income of grain farmers will increase by 30 million yuan.