Let the citizens eat better -- scan the construction of "high-quality grain project" in Laohekou City

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"It is a high-quality food project that has enabled my family farm to realize the integration of 'planting, breeding, processing, production and marketing'." On June 24, at the Heran Family Farm in Baihegang Village, Xianrendu Town, Laohekou City, the founder of the farm, Que, slowly sighed about the changes of his family farm.
In recent years, Laohekou City has vigorously promoted the implementation of the "high-quality grain project" project, and the grain and oil industry has been comprehensively transformed and upgraded, which has promoted the enthusiasm of grain farmers and grain enterprises to produce high-quality grain and oil, increased income in high-quality and preferential prices, and promoted the transformation of urban and rural residents from "full" to "good and healthy".
Laohekou Feilaizhong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company that produces grain processing machinery. In the process of promoting the construction of the "high-quality grain project" in the city, the company "borrows eggs from chickens" and expands the company's sales channels. The product sales network has spread throughout the domestic rice production areas. At the same time, the company also actively organized technical personnel to study in Japan, Europe and other places, and reached deep cooperation intentions with well-known grain machinery manufacturers in Japan, Germany and other developed countries in technology and market, and used this as a bridgehead to strengthen economic and trade exchanges with countries along the "the Belt and Road". "In 2021 alone, we applied for 5 patents and actually completed 11 patented products," said the company's relevant person in charge.