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At present, although China's grain processing technology and equipment level is improving day by day, there are still problems such as weak independent innovation capacity, low-level repetitive construction, and high-end products relying on imports. Therefore, improving the manufacturing level of domestic equipment has become an inevitable trend to promote the high-quality development of China's grain processing industry——
A few days ago, many domestic grain storage, processing, quality inspection and other machinery appeared, and intelligent color sorters, packaging machines, robots and other advanced grain machinery equipment shone brilliantly, attracting many visitors to stop. At present, what progress has been made in the manufacturing level of domestic grain machinery?
Some products have reached the international level
"The color sorter, packaging machinery and storage machinery independently developed and produced by China have reached the international advanced level, and the grain processing equipment has a high share in the international and domestic markets.
It is reported that at present, China has established a relatively complete industrial system of grain and oil processing equipment. There are many varieties and complete specifications of small and medium-sized rice milling, milling, oil making and other grain processing equipment. Some processing equipment with independent intellectual property rights and large grain and oil processing equipment have been promoted and applied. Most grain and oil processing equipment has achieved self-sufficiency. Many domestic products have approached and reached the international advanced level, Color sorter and automatic packaging machinery have become the leaders in the industry.
In recent years, with the rapid development of the grain industry, the grain processing enterprises are developing towards large-scale and large-scale, and the grain processing equipment is also developing towards large-scale and intelligent. It is understood that the state has successively increased R&D investment in core equipment, intelligent control, and comprehensive utilization equipment in the processing fields of special flour, rice, corn, and vegetable oil, and guided industry practitioners to promote scientific and technological innovation activities. The design concept, manufacturing level, intelligent and supporting level of grain processing equipment have been rapidly developed. From single machine to complete system, from manual to intelligent, it has started to upgrade and transform in a planned way, Accelerated the pace of independent innovation and achieved remarkable results.
The technical level of manufacturing enterprises plays a vital role in improving the quality and competitiveness of grain processing machinery. Some well-known domestic enterprises have improved the manufacturing capacity and quality of grain machinery and improved their competitiveness in the international market by introducing technical equipment.
Hubei Feilaizhong Grain and Oil Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Laohekou Economic Development Zone, Hubei Province. It is an independent legal person established by Xiangyang Grain Machinery Co., Ltd. in cooperation with natural persons, with a registered capital of 22 million yuan.
Its predecessor, Xiangyang Grain Machinery Co., Ltd., was founded in 1958. It was originally the first grain machinery factory in Xiangyang area, belonging to Xiangyang Grain Bureau. It is a professional enterprise designated by the former Ministry of Trade to produce grain and oil processing machinery, and a manufacturing entity integrating the research, development, production and sales of grain and oil processing machinery, mainly producing the lifting, transportation, cleaning, and stone removal required for rice and flour processing Equipment such as grain and coarse separation and automatic control equipment for grain processing. In 1968, the company independently developed China's first gravity grain coarse separator, which laid a solid foundation for the development of China's grain machinery industry. The registered trademark of the company's product is "Feilaizhong". The main product of the company, the gravity grain coarse separator, is the first in the country. It has won the first prize of the Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award. The "Feilaizhong" brand cleaning screen and rice screen have won the National Quality Silver Award.
In order to meet the production needs of the company, the company invested 220 million yuan in 2014 to purchase 100 mu of land in Laohekou Economic Development Zone to build a modern factory building. The whole project covers an area of 100 mu, with an exclusive building area of 35000 square meters. The project consists of foundries, metal calendering parts factories, grain machinery equipment assembly plants, rice processing experiment and testing production bases, technical consulting service centers, product research and development centers and other institutions. The first phase of the project has been successfully completed and put into operation.
The company now has 132 employees, including 26 middle and senior technicians (including 1 doctor, 3 master's degree, 18 personnel with bachelor's degree and 4 senior technicians). It has more than 300 processing equipment, such as machining centers, CNC lathes, CNC grinders, digital display plate shears, digital display benders, rocker drills, cranes, etc., which can meet the requirements of grain and oil processing machinery manufacturing and processing of various mechanical parts, such as shaft parts, box parts, sheet metal structural parts, etc. The company's production scale and technical level are in the leading position in China's grain and oil processing machinery industry. Our products have passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and obtained the trademark registration certificate. The company has a strong technical force, with dozens of invention patents, and relies on the technical support of Hubei University of Arts and Sciences and Wuhan University of Light Industry to seek long-term development in the fields of grain processing and grain storage.