Promote two crops in one season in grain functional areas

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Since this year, the adverse impact of the epidemic has been to stabilize the grain planting area, significantly improve the level of comprehensive mechanization of cultivation and harvest, and ensure the return of grain grains in the first season of the grain production functional area with two crops a year in the town.
In the first half of this year, Yangfengang Town focused on epidemic prevention and control, and on spring farming production at the same time, and strengthened protection to ensure that epidemic prevention and control and spring farming production are not mistaken, so as to ensure that agricultural production is kept on file during the epidemic prevention and control period. At the same time, the unit yield of grain will be further improved by integrating and promoting grain production technologies such as precision seeding, efficient water-saving and precision fertilization. It is reported that the town has sown more than 36000 mu of grain crops this year, including 7882 mu of planting area. During the wheat harvest season, the town also introduced the grain mechanization production mode, improved the supporting scheme of machines and tools, provided a full set of policy support and socialized services for large farmers, significantly improved the comprehensive mechanization of crop cultivation and harvest, and collected all the crops before the rainy season, ensuring food security.