Jingchu Good Grain and Oil "Appears at China Grain Fair

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On October 19, the third China Grain Trade Conference was opened in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. More than 200 grain and oil enterprises in Fujian Province participated in the conference, displaying 836 grain and oil products and 24 grain machinery equipment.
The total area of the exhibition area in our province is 1920 square meters. The cultural elements such as the Yellow Crane Tower, the chime, the crane, and the seal carving of the "E" character highlight the regional characteristics of Hubei. 62 enterprises in poverty-stricken areas have brought 280 products to help fight poverty by looking for business opportunities. More than 40 products of "the most beautiful angel" returned to Hubei, attracting many participants to watch and praise.
At the special promotion meeting of "Jingchu Earth" good grain and oil in Hubei, Hu Xinming, director of the provincial grain bureau, issued the donation card for the "Most Beautiful Angel" activity to the representatives of Fujian's medical aid team in Hubei, and the grain and oil enterprises of our province donated 3604 grain and oil supplies to Fujian's "Most Beautiful Angel" and other aid personnel in Hubei.
The provincial grain bureau has signed strategic cooperation agreements with the grain and material reserve bureaus of Fujian Province, Shanxi Province, Guangdong Province and Shaanxi Province; The provincial grain and oil group and Wuhan Light Industry University signed a scientific and enterprise cooperation agreement; Hubei Feilaizhong Grain and Oil Equipment Co., Ltd. and other enterprises signed production and marketing cooperation agreements with major grain enterprises in Fujian.
The grain trade fair also opened an online exhibition area to display grain and oil products through the China Good Grain and Oil Electronic Trading Platform. A total of 212 grain and oil and grain machinery enterprises in our province have entered the platform, and 303 kinds of commodities such as rice flour oil and grain machinery have been put on the shelves, all ranking first in the platform.