Promote high-quality development of agricultural mechanization

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The Plan proposes that by 2025, the production of major crops will be fully mechanized, and the mechanization of facility agriculture, forestry and fruit industry, animal husbandry and primary processing of agricultural products will make significant progress, and the regions with conditions will take the lead in basically realizing agricultural mechanization. Centering on the construction requirements of agricultural industrial structure adjustment and layout in the whole province, combining the characteristics of agricultural mechanization development, and in accordance with the principle of "adjusting measures to local conditions, guiding by classification, and highlighting key points", six agricultural mechanization development areas with different characteristics are planned and established, which are: mechanized grain production implementation area, mechanized animal husbandry production implementation area, mechanized forest fruit (dry and fresh fruit) production implementation area, mechanized miscellaneous grain (hilly and mountainous areas) production implementation area Mechanized vegetable production implementation area and mechanized traditional Chinese medicine production implementation area.
At the same time, the Plan proposes nine major actions to promote the high-quality development of agricultural mechanization.
Promote the optimization of agricultural machinery and equipment. Focus on key products, key needs and key links, promote the research and development and manufacturing of new agricultural machinery and equipment and new products, and accelerate the completion of the shortage of agricultural machinery and equipment. Encourage and support scientific research institutes and production enterprises to increase the research and development of electric agricultural machinery. Adjust the types and items of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies in a scientific and reasonable manner to ensure that there is a good supply of agricultural machinery. We will carry out quality investigation of specific types of agricultural machinery products in use, and increase the punishment of illegal and counterfeit agricultural machinery products according to law.
The whole process of mechanization of grain production was promoted. In the main wheat producing areas, the main corn producing areas, the main potato producing areas, and the main coarse grain producing areas, we should speed up the construction of an efficient whole-process mechanization system for grain production, break through the weak links, and improve the technical route. Organize the mechanized production of important agricultural seasons, pay attention to improving the technical status of machines and tools, and promote the key links of grain mechanized production to reduce damage and improve quality.
The whole process of non-grain production mechanization is promoted. Focusing on the "special" and "excellent" strategy of agriculture in Shanxi Province, focusing on the construction of five platforms, focusing on the demonstration and promotion of six technologies, namely, facility agricultural mechanization, orchard production management and protection mechanization, field vegetable production mechanization, forage production mechanization, livestock and poultry manure treatment mechanization, and traditional Chinese medicine production mechanization, to expand the mechanized production technology of edible fungi. 50 demonstration zones for mechanization of characteristic crop production were established, and the comprehensive mechanization level of the demonstration zone was increased by 20% to more than 70%.
Mechanized organic dry farming promotion action. Adhere to the combination of independent development and introduction, digestion and re-innovation, and gradually establish the production, learning