The world's first laser rice color sorter is a powerful technology, leading the new "food fashion"

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What rice is the most popular? What does the grain and oil machinery look like? On November 29, the 21st "Jingchu Land" Hubei Grain and Oil Products Exhibition and Trade Fair, which lasted for three days, opened, with consumers and exhibitors jostling each other. What attracted them?
More green and exquisite, high-quality grain and oil products sell well
At the exhibition, in addition to traditional rice, noodles, oil, etc., a variety of rich products dazzled people, and citizens kept buying.
The supply-side reform not only increased the number of high-quality grain and oil products, but also promoted the brand of Hubei grain and oil to spread throughout the country. The provincial grain and oil public brand "Jingchu Dadi" has gathered more than 30 high-quality grain and oil enterprises in our province to rush into the market in groups. Its exhibition area is crowded with people who inquire, talk about cooperation and buy products in an endless stream.
The sense of science and technology is full, and the grain and oil processing machinery is getting better and better
The first grain machinery exhibition at the grain and oil trade fair attracted many merchants and ordinary citizens. This small and powerful machine shows the advantages of the grain industry in our province and makes visitors marvel.
A machine shaped like an X and shaped like a printing machine has attracted many people's curiosity. This "LS series laser color sorter" is from Anlu Yongxiang Grain Machinery Co., Ltd., which is the largest high-tech enterprise integrating the professional design, manufacture and sales of complete sets of rice milling machinery in China.
"This machine is the first laser rice color sorter in the world", the relevant person in charge of the company said that the existing rice color sorter can screen out the impurities in rice by identifying the color and density, but it is difficult to identify the impurities in plastic, ceramics, stone, glass and other similar color and density of rice, and this machine can use the characteristics of laser to eliminate other spectral interference, quickly identify and eliminate impurities, as well as broken rice Bad rice, etc. Since the mass production last year, the machine has been sold all over the country.
In front of a blue and white machine, Ke Ping, the general manager of Hubei Feilaizhong Grain and Oil Equipment Co., Ltd., is introducing the company's core product - the double-screen gravity coarse grain separator. In 1985, the company independently developed China's first gravity grain coarse separator, and then continuously upgraded it. The output of this machine can reach 8 to 10 tons per hour, which can be used in the rice milling production line with a daily output of 200 tons of rice, greatly improving the production efficiency.
At present, there are 41 grain machinery manufacturing enterprises above designated size in our province. In 2018, 193000 sets of special equipment for grain were manufactured and sold. Only small machines are on display. In addition to meeting the needs of the national grain production companies, the grain machines of our province also go abroad. The annual export value of Hubei Feilaizhong grain machines is more than 2 million dollars, delivering advanced grain machines to Southeast Asian countries.