Open up the "main artery" of grain export and transportation in Northeast China to solve the urgency of feeding enterprises

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With the resumption of work and production of enterprises in various regions, the demand for grain export in Liaoning and Jilin has gradually increased. Shenyang Railway Bureau Group Co., Ltd. of China has actively engaged with local government functional departments and enterprises to meet the transportation needs, overcome the difficulties of insufficient loading and unloading manpower, road short barge transportation and so on. Since this year, 1771 vehicles of grain have been shipped daily, an increase of 201 vehicles on a year-on-year basis, up 13%. As of March 6, 7.32 million tons of grain had been shipped, with a year-on-year increase of 15%, opening the "main artery" for the export of grain in Northeast China.
Northeast China is an important grain production area in China, known as China's "granary". Since February, there has been a shortage of northeast corn and other feeds needed by the breeding industry in some southern regions. China Railway Shenyang Bureau Group Co., Ltd. organized personnel to visit enterprises in a timely manner to understand the transportation needs and difficulties faced by grain producing areas such as Zhenlai, Yushu, Jiaohe, Dehui, etc. in Jilin, and planned the transportation capacity, personnel, equipment and other arrangements. According to the transportation needs of enterprises, the special bulk grain trains from Zhenlai, Jilin to Puxing, Sichuan were run point-to-point. While giving priority to the organization of planning, loading, and shipping, the traffic flow organization at the Shanhaiguan and Longhua boundary was actively carried out, Smooth the "entry" channel for grain transportation. The daily average loading of grain in the direction of entry to the customs reached 1026 vehicles, 241 more than the same period last year, and the grain was continuously transported to all parts of the south, which solved the urgent need for these breeding enterprises.