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Pave the way for the rise of enterprises
——Hubei Feilaizhong Grain and Oil Equipment Co., Ltd

In recent years, Feilaizhong Grain Machinery Co., Ltd. has seized the opportunity to build "Feilaizhong" series products into world famous brand products by relying on the company's leading advantages in the field of grain machinery.
In 2018, the company actively adopted the "going out" development strategy, organized personnel to visit and study in Japan and other places, and reached an intention of in-depth cooperation in technology and market with well-known grain machinery manufacturers in Japan and Germany.
While increasing investment in technology development and innovation, Feilaizhong Grain Machinery Co., Ltd. actively strengthened cooperation with scientific research institutions, and successively reached technical cooperation agreements with Wuhan Academy of Grain Sciences and Wuhan University of Light Industry to jointly set up a research and development center for grain and oil machinery; Cooperate with Hubei University of Arts and Sciences, Xiangyang Vocational and Technical College and other colleges to develop drying unit and mobile roughening machine project, effectively filling the gap of domestic grain machinery equipment. At present, the company has obtained one invention patent and three utility model patents from the China National Intellectual Property Administration. In November 2018, the company was recognized as a high-tech enterprise by the Department of Science and Technology of Hubei Province.
Grasp the industrial layout and join in high-quality grain and oil projects
Guo Ban Fa [2017] No. 78 document stressed the need to strengthen innovation in grain science and technology, solidly promote "Made in China 2025", and develop efficient and energy-saving complete grain and oil processing equipment. In order to improve the manufacturing level and independent innovation ability of key grain and oil machinery and instrument equipment, as well as the technical level of fast detection equipment for grain quality and quality safety, Feilai Bell Grain Machinery introduced intelligent robot and Internet of Things technology, and carried out application demonstration of intelligent grain factory, intelligent storage, intelligent drying, etc.
In terms of industrial layout, while actively developing its main business, the company has vigorously expanded its industrial chain, entered the field of special grain and oil equipment processing with high technology content and high added value, and actively participated in the construction of the "high-quality grain and oil project" in Hubei Province, making the company become a base for foreign exchange earning from high-tech products exports, and achieving a stable output capacity of 30 million dollars in foreign exchange earning from exports.