Premier Li Keqiang chaired the executive meeting of the State Council to deploy the construction of grain storage and storage facilities

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The meeting pointed out that several areas in the south have sustained heavy rainfall for some time, and relevant parties have responded in a timely manner to reduce disaster losses. It is predicted that there will be more extreme weather in China during the flood season this year, and the main rain belt will lift northward in a stepped shape in the near future. We should implement the deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, strengthen responsibilities, improve the linkage mechanism of early warning and emergency response, continue to do a good job in flood control and disaster relief, and ensure the safety of people's lives and property. First, pay close attention to key river basins, scientifically dispatch flood control projects, strengthen patrol and defense and emergency response, and ensure the safe flood control of large rivers and large reservoirs. The second is to do a good job of flood prevention and preparation in the northern region, check and rectify potential risks, and make preparations for rescue teams and materials. The third is to do a good job of personnel transfer and risk avoidance, and refine the emergency plan. First, the shutdown of dangerous places and the transfer of personnel should be carried out. Fourth, properly resettle the affected people and repair the flood damaged facilities in time. Fifth, relevant departments should strengthen guidance and support to local governments and allocate funds and materials in a timely manner. At the same time, flood control and drought relief should be well coordinated.
The meeting pointed out that in the face of the current complex and severe international environment with serious inflation, we must focus on our own business. Stabilizing prices is crucial to stabilizing the overall economy. Stabilizing grain production and increasing production is a key measure to stabilize prices and improve the ability of food security, which is also conducive to the stability of the world food market. All parties concerned have paid close attention to grain production. This year's summer wheat has become a foregone conclusion of increasing yield and harvest, and its quality is better than that of the normal year. The yield of miscellaneous grains and beans has increased slightly, the yield of rapeseed has increased significantly, and the summer sowing of corn and other crops has nearly 80%, and the early rice and autumn grain are growing well. A good harvest in summer and a good foundation in autumn have not come easily, providing a solid support for the stable grain production throughout the year. We should continue to compact our responsibilities and ensure that the annual grain output remains above 1.3 trillion jin. First, we should do a good job in the collection and storage of summer grain, encourage the acquisition of multiple market entities, and ensure the quality and quantity of storage. Second, we should not delay the summer sowing area in the agricultural season, do a good job in the tail sowing of corn, stabilize the double-season late rice, and implement the task of soybean and corn belt compound planting. Third, we should do a good job in autumn grain field management and prevent floods, summer drought, diseases and pests and other disasters. At the same time, we should focus on the production of pork and other basket products.